Useful Tools and Partners

Want an anonymous phone number to contact service providers or to list on your ad? We’ve partnered with a service called Text Pigeon that seamlessly connects your email account with a cell phone number that can be used for sending or receiving text messages. It doesn’t require any special software or skills to use, and it works just like sending an email which you’re already an expert at.

You can create a disposable email address at any email provider and then connect it with a disposable phone number from Text Pigeon to protect your privacy. Learn more or sign up here.

The industry leader when it comes to purchasing Bitcoin is Coinbase, hands down. They are a legitimate FDIC banking institution and offer the best rates at 1% when you link a checking account and 4% when using a credit/debit card for purchasing Bitcoin.

Coinbase offers a wallet on their website and a mobile as well for taking your Bitcoin on the go. You can learn more about how to acquire and pay with Bitcoin in our knowledgebase.

Local Bitcoins provides an anonymous peer-to-peer platform for acquiring or selling Bitcoin. You can purchase Bitcoin with gift cards, PayPal, cash deposits, and more.

They provide a very user friendly experience for buying and selling Bitcoins. Use the Bitcoins to pay for ads or to pay for massage services! Check out Local Bitcoins here.